Overseas Chinese from around the world study in taiwan
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Taiwan is an attractive place for overseas Chinese to study because of its progressive and bustling society, diverse culture, and free and excellent educational environment. It has 158 public and private tertiary schools: 65 universities, 87 vocational and technical colleges, and 6 normal education colleges.Taiwan’s graduate schools, universities, high schools, vocational high schools and the Overseas Chinese Youth Vocational Training School all welcome overseas Chinese students. Reasons to choose Taiwan include economic considerations, academic freedom, quality of education, and cultural similarities to students’ home countries.More and more enrollment channels are available to overseas Chinese students, and the procedures are simplified gradually. The number of overseas college and university students in Taiwan (including those from Hong Kong, Macau, mainland China, and foreign countries) has grown to nearly 100,000 per year.Ever more overseas Chinese are coming to Taiwan for secondary school as well. The National Overseas Chinese Senior High School has promoted overseas education and Mandarin Chinese learning for over 60 years. The school has also run a center for teaching Chinese as a second language since 1989. Taiwan’s progressiveness, convenience, warmth and safe environment give students peace of mind.To encourage outstanding overseas Chinese students with special skills to stay in Taiwan, the OCAC is actively promoting its Value-Added program. Program participants are offered enrollment in a work-study co-op program, after which they can move on to a Taiwanese vocational or technical college.The overseas Chinese student policy has more than 60 years of history. Many students who have come to Taiwan stayed there after graduation and made great contributions to society. Some of them become successful business owners who created jobs.For more information, please contact the nearest ROC embassy, representative office, culture center, or the authorized unit of the ROC Ministry of Foreign Affairs or OCAC.