Language Study Program for Expatriate Youth
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The aim of the Language Study Program for Expatriate Youth is to increase the Chinese language ability of expatriate youth, give them an understanding of traditional Chinese culture and Taiwan's construction and development. O.C.A.C. has held the programs since 1989; to meet the special needs of some overseas Chinese, programs of various durations are often held as well in addition to the short summer term.The 6-week course includes different types of fun and lively language study, cultural classes plus trips and visits.Many students have come into contact with some traditional Taiwanese art forms at their Chinese schools in their home countries, but, they are still curious about Taiwan and cannot resist the charm of Chinese culture like many overseas Chinese youths.The Language study program includes kids from difference countries; though different in cultural backgrounds, they’re all keen on learning Chinese; it’s easy to see that from their immediate response and discussion participation.The language study program sows the seeds of emotion and culture in the hearts of expatriate youths, who yearn for the nutrition of more educational opportunities to allow them to continue to grow.To register for the Language study program,please contact R.O.C. embassy ,representative office or Culture Center.